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My brothers wife accused him and myself of being twins this evening, the age difference explicable by the fact that he, in her words, "slept in".

As near as I can tell this accusation was prompted by, amongst other things, two conversations between my brother and myself about a year apart. In both cases my brother asked a very simple question:

"Do you remember that cartoon?"


"Do you remember that film?"

And I answered "yes" to both. The source of her consternation stems from her belief that when someone asks a question along the lines of "do you remember that xyz?" it's typical to wait for the person asking the question to supply enough information to discern the subject of the question before giving an answer. That I knew the answer in both cases - much to her and my brothers bemusement - seemed to violate her views on causality.

Of course there was nothing magical or supernatural about how I was able to answer correctly. I simply know my brother well enough to know that if a particular cartoon had sprung to his mind at that point it would have been the 1986 series Silverhawks that we last watched together about 20 years ago.

And similarly there was no other film he could possibly have been thinking about at that moment in time than the 1984 cult classic "Night of the Comet", regardless of fact that I didn't even know he'd seen it.

Obvious really, isn't it?

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