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My, it's been a while: crawling under the duvet on a chilly night and literally curling up with a good book. So much going on that I rarely seem able to make time to read these days. My commute to work is fragmented enough that it doesn't lend itself well to reading anything for more than a few frustrating minutes at a time, and other times I would once have set aside to read are now taken up with contact practice sessions.

It's fairly evident when I've been reading the same book for several months!

Hearing Neil Gaiman talk again recently lent me a little perspective and reminded me of how much I love books. Time is duly being set aside in my schedule as a result. I have a small pile of books I need to get through and added a couple more this weekend - Gaiman's Graveyard Book is an unsurprising addition, followed by Danielewski's House of Leaves, a book I've been curious about since it was parodied over at


Foots said:

Well, talk about synchronicity. I was just checking out XKCD before logging on here and wondering idly if iMark knew about XKCD and thinking, oh, of course he must ... then logged on here to see that you linked to it. I love these incidences of coordinated thinking over distances ... and I don't care what anyone says about people being designed to spot patterns so it's not really synchronicity at all, just a byproduct of our pattern-spotting minds. I reject their reality and subsitute my own!! Mwahaha ... etc

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