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Gone the distance

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I don't believe I'll ever get used to hotel life. Staying in hotels is something I try to do as little as possible, after spending the better part of three months living in one in my early twenties. Eating alone in a hotel dining room is surely one of the more soul destroying experiences life has to offer. Two weeks however, I can cope with well enough, and this hotel has some endearing quirks which make it all the more bearable (the odor of mouse droppings which permeated my managers hotel room wasn't one of these, but mine is breezily fresh thankfully).

My favourite is the grand piano to be found in the small but opulently finished lobby. I was hopeful on seeing it initially that an actual pianist would make an appearance, but a closer examination revealed a small box with a lcd display tethered to it's underside. It's purpose was laid clear at breakfast the following day when the piano began it's routine unaided and unaccompanied. I wish I could say the piano could play itself with some virtuosity, but I fear that would be overstating its abilities somewhat. Endearingly, however, it only plays about four songs in sequence before beginning again. Such a meager repertoire might irritate a lesser man, but since two of the songs come from lesser known animated films (Go The Distance from Hercules, and Journey to the Past from Anastasia) I find it all strangely comforting and familiar. The remaining two songs are My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, and one more which is tantalisingly familiar but whose name remains beyond the grasp of my memory.

Only two more days to go before I reach home. Much as I've enjoyed myself out here, it's been a long time since I've so looked forward to returning home again.