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Where to find me

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Google have finally updated their map data for Edinburgh! Previously their satellite imagery revealed the city as little more than a series of indistinct green blobs which I always found a crushing disappointment for such a picturesque city.

No longer! At last the whole of Edinburgh is available to all in glorious high resolution. I'll admit that the very first thing I did was to have a hunt around for my flat. It's right about here. The map data appears in both Google Maps and Google Earth - naturally I've been amusing myself by flying around the city. Arthur's Seat looks particularly impressive when you turn on the 3d terrain option.

I've also been amusing myself by trying to work out exactly when the photographs used were taken. I've narrowed it down to a Saturday or Sunday morning in 2005 towards either the end of August or the beginning of September. I can't do any better than that unfortunately...

What I got for Christmas

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The problem with Christmas presents is that too many gifts fade quickly from the memory. I could list few presents I received this time last year for example. I'd feel sad about it, but on the other hand it's more than made up for by those gifts which linger in the memory long after the decorations come down and the tree sheds it's needles.

My favourite offering this year came from my sister in law. Some time ago I'd waxed nostalgic to her about a simple Sunday ritual shared amongst my siblings. Every Sunday, after mass, we'd each be given 10p with which to buy sweeties from the penny tray in the newsagents as Mum went next door to buy bread rolls. My favourite was always the chocolate saw, a small bit of of chocolate in the shape of the tool. It was expensive at a whopping 3p (30% of my budget!) but I usually judged it an essential purchase. It was chocolate after all.

For Christmas she gave me a small tin toolbox filled with an assortment of chocolate tools. It made me very happy indeed.

As did the news that she and my brother are expecting a baby in August! Puts the chocolate tools into perspective somewhat...

A very Merry Christmas to you all.

I hope the forthcoming year treats you all very well indeed!

iMark will return

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Yes, I know - I've just been casting an eye over poor neglected blog. It's definitely due for an update. I was bemoaning my recent lack of creative output a couple of nights ago, and it reminded me that a creative outlet is exactly what my blog is/was.

I know most of my time here is spent detailing the minutiae of my life but, however simple the tale may be, I still enjoy the framing of it, not to mention revisiting my stories of times past - nostalgia has always held a very real appeal for me. I suspect I'll one day in the future I'll look back over this dry spell of mine with a profound sense of disappointment.

But what better way to make up for sins past than to commit to do better in future?