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There are quite a few of you out there who won't have seen the new Volkswagen Golf advert. Whilst I'm loath to plug any sort of commercial product here (well, any commercial product that I don't personally use or like), I simply adore this advert, and believe there's a good chance you will too. From my perspective, it's every bit as joyous as the original and brought an enormous smile to my face. Go have a look.


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So... February 2005 already. My how the time flies. Apologies for my prolonged absence and generally quiet demeanour. Let's have a quick recap of events - imagine, if you will, a decidedly American accent (gender left to your imagination) recanting these familiar words: Previously on Mark's blog...

As you may remember I abandoned London after inhabiting it or it's surrounds for a shade over seven years, to sally northwards to my homeland of Scotland, there to... well, let's just say that forward planning was never one of my strengths. I wanted a change, and having decided that I had few good reasons to say in London, I knew that change was going to involve moving somewhere else. Home to Edinburgh seemed like a reasonable start. It was home after all, a place I very much missed, with family I found myself longing to be near again. The fact that I'd also bought a flat in the area some eighteen months previously may also have influenced my thinking. The idea was to take five weeks off work to do up my flat to my exacting specifications and to then start working from home. "Change" as it happened didn't go so far as to finding a new job - instead I planned, having received the kind offer from my present employers, to continue in my old job as a home working.

Needless to say things haven't quite gone as planned. Five weeks turned out to be a hopelessly niave estimate of amount of time it would take to renovate my flat. For all that time and effort, very little has been accomplished, save that I now have some lights installed, some lights partially installed, and a number of holes have been added to my walls. It seems like little reward for all my frantic runnning around, and is only compounded by the fact that I'm sure a couple of holes are in the wrong place. Still, more should start happening again very shortly, and I still have some confidence (albeit slightly dented), that things will soon shape up as I've long planned.

Now, one important thing to note is that as a home-worker, it's of some importance to me to have a home to work from. Having so far failed this crucial step (the flat is some ways away yetfrom being habitable), I've had to make alternative arrangements. Currently I'm found living at home, which has both upsides as well as some fairly obvious downsides, and working from my uncles flat a little ways down the road - he has broadband and empty office. It's not idea, but it's just about workable. Although having said, that you'll not from the timestamp on this entry, I'm probably not working quite as hard as I should be right now. In my defence, I'm currently awaiting the resolution of certain technical issues which prevent me from doing the numerous productive tasks my benevolent employers are expecting of me. It's early days yet, but I am quite certain that I'm going to miss the buzz of the office environment around me. An obvious assessment really, and one which I'd thought I'd prepared for, but I'll admit that it's only just now beginning to sink in what working from home is really going to be like. Of course, should the worst come to the worst, I'm free to seek other employment. No harm no foul as the saying goes. On the other hand, having spent the bulk of my savings on my flat, I really rather need the money. I'll stomach it out for a while yet, but if I start to whinge about here more than is healthy, please feel free to tell me to get a new job.

Anyway, I'll try to get back to my normal posting schedule now. Apologies again for being out of touch - uncertainty does strange things to me.